Insurance Inspection

You have a post-1955 American car, or a collection of them. Whether it be an unrestored survivor, a fully restored factory appearing, a one off custom, resto mod, day 2 modified or a hot rod, you’ll need to know what they’re worth for insurance purposes. No sweat. Our experts will perform an extensive nose-to-tail inspection of your vehicle and provide a comprehensive report including photographs and all details needed for your insurance company to ensure your prized possession receives the coverage and protection it deserves.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

You found a great car but before you commit you want to consult with an expert to understand if it’s worth the asking price for its condition, or if you should make the investment. Muscle Car Appraisal will dispatch one or more of our experts to look at the car to assess its overall as-is condition including but not limited to body and paint, interior and drive train. We can easily spot body and refinishing work and comment on the quality. From there, we’ll provide a complete report of the car’s condition and value including photos. We’ll also use our comprehensive research library and nationwide sales and auction database to research comparable vehicles and help you understand if indeed you have a worthwhile purchase on your hands – as well as provide recommendations on what you can do to bring the car to the next level of condition.

Auction Inspection

Let us be your eyes and ears at almost any U.S.-based auction. If you’re considering purchasing a post-1955 American vehicle at auction, the experts at Muscle Car Appraisal can attend on your behalf to inspect a vehicle before it crosses the block. We’ll get as close to the vehicle as permitted to give you a nose-to-tail assessment of the car’s as-is condition including: options, drive train and body/paint. We’ll also do the homework to let you know what comparable cars have sold for recently so you’ll have a rock-solid game plan if you decide to bid.

Pre-Sale Inspection and Documentation

If you’re looking to make room in your garage by selling a post-1955 American vehicle, Muscle Car Appraisal can help. We can generate a thorough documentation report detailing your vehicle’s condition and equipment, analyze your VIN, option codes, date stampings and more. When it’s time to sell, you can present potential buyers a clear and concise picture of what you’re offering. We can also research recent comparable sales to help you fairly and competitively price your car for expedited sale and maximize value.

Matching Number Verification

Regardless if it’s a car you own, or are considering owning, Muscle Car Appraisal can help you verify any post-1955 production American car’s pedigree. We will break down and decode the VIN, obtain all accessible casting numbers, date codes and stampings to see if it all adds up. In absence of those, we can do the detective work and breakdown date code stampings on individual components and castings to back-track a car’s history. We’ll compare your car’s information with our deep knowledge of manufacturer production dates and sequences. This, coupled with our keen sense of body and paint condition, can allow us to give you a clear indication whether a car is wearing its original “born with” clothes – down to the fasteners. Let us help you truly understand your car’s history.

Modern Muscle Car Inspection Services

The American auto industry is in a renaissance. Today’s American performance cars are re-creating a golden era for auto enthusiasts not seen in nearly 50 years. The team at Muscle Car Appraisal has just as much knowledge and expertise to offer customers on today’s modern muscle cars as it does on any vintage American car. If you’re in the market to purchase a modern muscle car but don’t know where to start, give us a call. We can help you understand how today’s cars are prepped from the factory to give you an indication of a car’s originality or modifications – many of which today go undetected to the untrained eye. For example, we can analyze factory markings and date codes on tires to distinguish if a car still wears its factory rubber. Replacement tires (even if they are the same size and brand as factory) are an indication of how a modern performance car has been treated – something you’ll want to know before making a purchase. Call us today and let us show you how we can help make your modern muscle car buying and selling experience enjoyable and stress-free.