About Us

Buying and selling special interest cars shouldn’t be stressful. With more than 178 combined years of professional automotive industry experience as on-the-road appraisers for major insurance companies, dealership service managers and life-long gearheads, the team of experts at Muscle Car Appraisal can take the stress out of buying, selling and valuing American cars.

If there’s anyone that can help you appraise your car; decide if that barn find is worth your time and money; or help you understand what you have and how to take it from good to great, it’s us. GM, Ford, Mopar, Studebaker, Avante, full-size, mid-size, pony car, A, B, C, E or F body, resto mod, custom or hot rod, we do it all. If you have an American car produced after 1955, we are your one-stop expert consultants. Call us today and let us help you take the anxiety out of the auto hobby.

Jim Murphy

Muscle cars have always been Jim Murphy’s passion. Like most, Jim caught motor fever early in his life and he remembers it vividly. One day in 1977, a friend visited him in a small block ’68 Camaro, loud and loping from a big cam. After a few holeshots, power shifts and long burnouts, his veins ran cold with gasoline. He was hooked. Learn more about Jim.

Maurice Devin

If you are looking to pinpoint a time when Maurice was not riveted by cars, you are out of luck. His two older brothers loved cars, so his fascination with cars began at a young age. When Maurice upgraded the family’s 1963 Galaxie 500XL daily driver to dual exhaust in high school, it confirmed what everyone already knew: He is a gearhead. Learn more about Maurice.

Don Bjorkland

Don was about six years old when he realized he was obsessed with cars. He was not only fascinated by their exteriors, but he also wanted to know what was under the hood and how it worked. Customizing his bicycle and building models quickly escalated to taking apart and assembling cars in his backyard. Learn more about Don.