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Insurance Inspection

Our experts will perform an extensive nose-to-tail inspection of your vehicle and provide a comprehensive report.

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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Muscle Car Appraisals will dispatch an expert to look at the car with you to assess its overall as-is condition including body and paint quality down to the washers.

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Auction Inspection

If you’re considering purchasing a post-1955 American vehicle at auction, the experts at Muscle Car Appraisals can attend on your behalf to inspect a vehicle before it crosses the block.

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Pre-Sale Inspection

We can generate a thorough documentation report detailing your vehicle’s condition and equipment by analyzing your VIN, option codes, date stampings and more.

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Matching Number Verification

We’ll compare your car’s information with our deep knowledge of manufacturer production dates and sequences. This, coupled with our keen sense of body and paint condition, can allow us to give you a clear indication whether a car is wearing its original clothes – down to the fasteners.

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Modern Muscle Car Services

The team at Muscle Car Appraisals has just as much knowledge and expertise to offer customers on today’s modern muscle cars as it does on any vintage American car.

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